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the profiling of language among verbal malay children with autism spectrum disorder 13-02-202012-08-2020 Penyelidik Bersama
knowledge of breast cancer genetics and genetic testing intention among women with breast cancer 14-11-201913-07-2020 Ketua Projek
sleep disturbance in children with autism spectrum disorder at a tertiary hospital 22-02-201821-02-2020 Penyelidik Bersama
parental stress in caring for cerebral palsy children with or without tube feeding 13-09-201812-06-2019 Penyelidik Bersama
- 01-12-201630-11-2018 Ketua Projek
the effectiveness of emotional labour support on childbirth outcomes among parturient mothers in ukmmc 31-10-201730-10-2018 Penyelidik Bersama
individualized fortification versus standard fortification of human milk: a randomized controlled trial 01-02-201330-06-2018 Penyelidik Bersama
family impact of having a child with autism spectrum disorder (asd) in ukmmc child development centre (cdc) : a comparison between fathers and mothers 08-06-201707-06-2018 Ketua Projek
stress and coping strategy of parents of maple syrup urine disease children 28-12-201727-03-2018 Ketua Projek
complementary & alternative medicine (cam) use among off-treatment paediatric cancer patients at universiti kebangsaan malaysia medical centre (ukmmc) 16-06-201615-03-2017 Ketua Projek
estension/follow up study of long-term effects of the multidiscipline weight management program on body weight status, lifestyle and metabolic risks of paediatric patients, 4 years 01-04-201230-06-2012 Penyelidik Bersama
sleep disturbances in children with epilepsy: effect on child behaviour & caregiver's quality of life 01-03-200801-03-2009 Ketua Projek
sleep disturbances in malaysian children with cerebral palsy 01-02-200801-03-2009 Penyelidik Bersama