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factors associated with mental health status among medical students during covid-19 pandemic 14-10-202113-10-2022 Ketua Projek
effectiveness of interactive video on colorectal cancer screening: a quasi experiment in primary healthcare settings 26-03-202025-09-2022 Penyelidik Bersama
level of healthy eating and self-efficacy for healthy eating and the association with weight status among secondary school students in sekolah menengah kebangsaan rawang, selangor: a cross sectional study 12-03-202011-02-2022 Ketua Projek
keperluan, cabaran kesihatan mental b40 di bandar baru bangi, selangor 01-08-202031-01-2022 Penyelidik Bersama
improving maternal mental health in south east asia through assets-based approaches: listening to women experience of perinatal mental ill health 30-05-202031-12-2021 Ketua Projek
prevalence and factors influencing baby walker usage among children aged 6-15 months in a johor district area 25-06-202024-12-2021 Ketua Projek
the effectiveness of stress management module (stressgo) among secondary school students during covid-19 pandemic 01-07-202131-10-2021 Ketua Projek
association of self-regulation and weight related behaviour with weight status among secondary school students in hulu langat, selangor 05-08-201804-02-2021 Ketua Projek
aplikasi mudah alih pengurusan stres (dailycalm) 01-09-201931-08-2020 Penyelidik Bersama
parental perception of risks and benefits of digital media use among their pre-school children and the reasons for using it 30-05-201929-08-2020 Penyelidik Bersama
parental report on child’s screen time and its association with language status of children aged 2-4 years 29-03-201828-03-2020 Ketua Projek
a study of knowledge and attitude towards autism spectrum disorder among adult patients attending klinik kesihatan luyang 28-06-201827-02-2020 Penyelidik Bersama
validation of the bahasa malaysia version of the attitude to ageing questionnaire (aaq) among elderly 22-02-201821-02-2020 Ketua Projek
social media use and its association with mental health status among secondary school students in johor bahru 30-08-201829-11-2019 Ketua Projek
a retrospective case control study : tuberculosis and its associated factors among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus 13-07-201712-03-2019 Ketua Projek
pattern of pornography viewing and its associated factors among college students in central seberang perai pulau pinang 24-08-201723-02-2018 Ketua Projek
prevalence and the characteristics of patients taking weight loss products in klinik kesihatan seberang jaya and its associated factors and perception on the products 03-01-201701-12-2017 Ketua Projek
living with the type 2 diabetes mellitus: conceptualisation of its meaning and influence on self-care practice in th perception of diabetes patients with poor glycemic control 01-12-201330-11-2016 Penyelidik Bersama
intension to provide support for wives` pap smear practice by husbands attending primary health care sungai chua : it`s associations with their knowledge on pap smear 26-02-201525-08-2016 Penyelidik Bersama
the influence of family factors on sexual intention and activity among unmarried college students in klang valley, malaysia 01-08-201301-08-2016 Penyelidik Pasca Doktoral
food problem awareness and foot care among diabetic patients attending pusat perubatan primer ukm bandar tasik selatan kuala lumpur 01-11-201131-12-2012 Ketua Projek
comparative study of reproductive, nutritional and metal health knowledge, belief, attitude, socio-behavioural risk factors and access to services of male and female post secondary schools adol 01-06-200831-05-2012 Penyelidik Bersama
kajian kulat kuku di kalangan pesakit kencing manis di ppukm 01-02-201130-09-2011 Penyelidik Bersama
cross-sectional study on hiv/aids related knowledge, the risks and perceived risks among antenatal mothers in kota kinabalu, sabah 01-07-201031-08-2011 Ketua Projek
impacts of teenage pregnancy on teenagers in a government shelter home 01-01-201130-04-2011 Penyelidik Bersama
body weight perception and risk of eating disorders among form 3 to form 5 students in a secondary school in cheras 01-10-200931-08-2010 Ketua Projek
an outcome research on the impact of a disease management program (coach) on the attainment of better cardiovascular risk control in dyslipidemic patients at primary care centres (dissemi 01-06-200830-04-2010 Penyelidik Bersama
development of an intervention model for smoking cessation among adolescents 01-10-200731-12-2009 Penyelidik Bersama
validation of bahasa melayu version of the eating disorder examination questionnaire (ede-q) 01-08-200830-08-2009 Ketua Projek
a comparison study of patients compliance to antihypertensive medication among the hypertensive patients using conventional and mix 01-04-200931-05-2009 Ketua Projek
effective smoking cessasion strategies in the perception of adolescents, teachers and doctors 01-06-200831-05-2009 Penyelidik Bersama
tabung agihan penyelidikan (tap)-k015419 24-07-2021 Penyelia