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3d bioprinted of multi-action film dressings containing lignosus rhinocerotis extracts for wound healing applications 01-10-201931-03-2022 Penyelidik Bersama
inhibitory effects of a novel α,β-unsaturated carbonyl-based compound on nf-kb, mapk and pi3k-akt signaling pathways in u937 macrophages, histamine and β-hexosaminidase release in rbl-2h3 cells. 14-12-201813-12-2021 Penyelidik Bersama
the effects of christia vespertilionis (cv) extract on hyperlipidemia-induced high-fat diet rats 27-02-201926-02-2021 Penyelidik Bersama
de novo design, synthesis and biological assessment of kwf101 derivatives as tlr4/md-2 antagonists for potential cancer immunotherapy 16-10-201715-07-2020 Penyelidik Bersama
potential use of soursop leaves and their annonaceous acetogenin compounds as immunomodulating agents by modulating the innate and adaptive immune responses. 16-10-201715-07-2020 Ketua Projek
effects of standardized extract of christia vespertilionis and it bioactive compounds on proatherogenic markers and atherosclerotic plaque formation in vitro and in vivo. 16-10-201715-07-2020 Ketua Projek
- 01-07-201830-06-2020 Ketua Projek
eco-friendly l. rhinocerotis-chitosan stabilized gold nanoparticles as a healing accelerator for diabetic wound dressing 01-09-201729-02-2020 Penyelidik Bersama
pembangunan gamifikasi untuk pengajaran dan pembelajaran amalan farmasi secara kendiri 15-11-201714-05-2019 Penyelidik Bersama
effect of 5-ht3 receptor antagonists (ondansetron and palonosetron) and zingiber officinale constituents (6- gingerol and 6-shogaol) on nicotine addiction and withdrawal mechanism in rats 01-08-201631-01-2019 Penyelidik Bersama
anti-atherosclerotic effects of the standardised extract of gynura procumbens on plaque formation, vascular reactivity, inflammation and cellular signalling 01-02-201631-07-2018 Penyelidik Bersama
mechanism underlying cardioprotection of hibiscus sabdariffa polyphenols in diabetic rat model: modulation on mitochondria function and cardiomyocyte apoptosis 01-12-201431-05-2018 Penyelidik Bersama
the role of natural thiol donor, s-allylcysteine (sac) in protecting against myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury 01-12-201431-05-2018 Penyelidik Bersama
the potential of roselle polyphenols against post-myocardial injury in obese rat 01-01-201530-09-2017 Penyelidik Bersama
neuroprotective mechanism of phenolic-rich fractions from ocimum basilicium linn. extracts in in vitro and in vivo neurodegenerative models 16-12-201331-08-2016 Penyelidik Bersama
the effects of chalcone derivatives on lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory protein production and nf-kb and map kinase signalling pathways in human monocytic u937 cell and human vascular smooth muscle cells 16-12-201315-12-2015 Ketua Projek
regulation of nicotine-indiced mocardial injury and contractile dysfunction: role of mitochondria and sarcoplasmic reticulum 01-10-201330-09-2015 Penyelidik Bersama
the biological effect of oxidized lipids and their cellular signalling mechanisms in vascular cells. 16-05-201316-08-2015 Ketua Projek
pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice research for the establishment of asean economic community 01-04-201431-03-2015 Penyelidik Bersama
pembelajaran berkesan untuk modul asas sains perubatan menggunakan pendekatan pembelajaran inter-profesional(ipe) melibatkan pelajar prasiswazah perubatan dan farmasi 01-07-201331-12-2014 Penyelidik Bersama
tabung agihan penyelidikan (tap)-k016183 27-07-2021 Penyelia