Projek Penyelidikan

Projek Tempoh Peranan
ballistic phonon transport in lattice-matched van der waals layered h-bn/graphene/h-bn for efficient thermal conduction in ultra-high-frequency electronics 01-11-202031-10-2023 Ketua Projek
design and fabrication of gallium nitride surface acoustic wave sensor 22-10-202021-10-2023 Penyelidik Bersama
geometrical modification of multi-d-shape sensing zone using side-polishing technique for sensitivity enhancement in optical fiber sensor 07-09-202106-09-2023 Penyelidik Bersama
light-assisted and field-effect transistor based on covalent functionalised 0-d/2-d graphene-based heterostructures for detection of beta-2-microglobulin 01-09-202131-08-2023 Ketua Projek
application of digital technology in personalised strategies for managing non-communicable disease 01-10-202131-03-2023 Penyelidik Bersama
room-temperature high-performance volatile organic compounds gas sensor based on layer-by-layer assembly of nitrogen-doped bilayer graphene patches for asthma detection 01-10-202023-03-2023 Ketua Projek
- 05-10-202004-10-2022 Ketua Projek
fabrication and characterizations of carbon-based non-volatile memory device 01-10-201931-03-2022 Penyelidik Bersama
tabung agihan penyelidikan (tap)-k022906 01-08-2021 Penyelia